I’ll be back…

Hey lovelies,

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting and have abandoned you all for nearly three weeks but things are difficult at the moment. 

I’m rushed off my feet with work. I’m up at 5am most mornings and on some occasions I’m even up at 4am. I work in a fast paced environment and when I come home I just crash. I often watch a bit of TV, have dinner and go to sleep. There is not much time for blogging other than on Thursdays and Sunday’s when I don’t work. I’m too tired to really write.

Also, every time I try to write, my anxiety kicks off and I feel like what I’ve written is a load of crap. I know deep down that it isn’t but I just can’t shake that possibility that it may just be a few hundred words that make no sense. If you have anxiety you know how this feels.
I promise I will be back soon, when I’ve settled into my new routine properly and when I’m a little less tired.

Lots of love 

Write soon,

Holl xxxx 


How to: finding time for yourself

Hey lovelies,

So I’ve decided I’m going to do a little series called ‘how to’ which won’t be about beauty, but about how to deal with things in your life.

To kick off this series I’m going to write about the most important thing in life; having a bit of ‘me time’. 

Me time is important as it gives you time to reflect on who you are, who you want to be and what you want to do.

Who you are: who are you? What are your flaws? What are your best traits? Are you happy with what you’re doing? Would you change anything?

Who you want to be: what personality traits do you want to have? Do you have goals and ambitions? What changes do you need to make to allow that to happen? What can you do to make yourself a better person? 

What you want to do: what do you really want to do? How will you do that? Are your ambitions realistic? What is stopping you from doing what you want to do? 
Having me time allows you to think about these questions and reflect on them, almost like a self evaluation. However, just because you’re thinking about these questions, it does not mean you can’t do anything else.

Me time could involve anything; having a long bath, having a pamper session, watching your favourite movie or whatever you desire. As long as you enjoy what you are doing and it gives you time to reflect. 

It’s important to think of ways to self improve, but sometimes life gets a little busy and we struggle to find time to do this. There are the same amount of hours in a day that Florrence Nightingale had, that Martain Luther King had, that Nelson Mandela had. These people took the time to themselves, improved themselves and proceeded to improve the world. This means that it is not impossible to take a few minutes out for yourself to reflect and make small improvements to your life. 

To come to some sort of conclusion: it is essential that you find time to take for yourself to make tiny self improvements. This will allow you to assess your life at that current moment and what you want to achieve in the near future. 

Whether it be once a day, once a week or once a month, for 5 minutes, and hour or a day. Take the time out, do something you enjoy and think about how you can improve your life and your mindset. 
What do you do during ‘me time’? 

Do you have any ideas for more posts within this series? Make sure to let me know in the comments.

Write soon,

Holl xxx
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Diary of Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus


Hey there again lovelies,

Today I thought I would do something that I’ve not seen done before and I thought it would be quite fun and useful. So this post is going to be featuring my latest Mac purchase, Viva Glam Miley, and testing its longevity throughout one day. That day is today. Now it hasn’t been the busiest of Sundays, I haven’t really done much but anyway… Here goes.

Mac Viva Glam Miley Cyrus is in an amplified finish and its a bright fuchsia pink. It is an insanely beautiful colour and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the biggest fan of the girl but damn she has a good taste in lipstick. I’m fairly pale so I tend to wear this with minimal/no makeup to draw attention away from my skin and imperfections and to draw attention to this beautiful colour. I think it works with most skin tones but I love the look of it against pale skin. This lipstick does pick up on dry areas so make sure you moisturise and exfoliate your lips properly first, I use a Lush lip scrub followed by Blistex Intense Moisture lip balm.

Makeup of the day

Makeup of the day

Now onto the day’s lipstick diary.


Lipstick when first applied

Its Sunday so I didn’t do my makeup until mid morning, at about 10:30am I applied one swipe of this lipstick to each lip. This is extremely pigmented so that is all that is required.

At around 11:20am I had my breakfast, a rather large amount of Nutella on toast. MMMMMMM NUTELLA!!! I tend to coat my toast in a very thick layer of Nutella, so much so that it drips off my toast when I pick it up. Obviously this is quite messy, so when finished I licked the remainder of Nutella off my lips. Lipstick check: it hasn’t budged. Not even a tiny bit.

From 11:30am until about 12pm I sat reading blogs drinking a non stop supply of tea. Lipstick check: the main colour has faded but an awesome bright pink stain has been left. Not too bad.

At half past 12 me and the parents took a trip to Whitehall Garden Centre as I wanted to get some more fish so I did re-apply the lipstick.

At 13:45pm we decided to have a spot of lunch in the cafe, I had a ham and cheese panini and a lot more tea. Damn it was a good lunch. Lipstick check: the main colour has again faded but the stain is bright.

At 14:45pm we headed home after buying some garden plants, some cute little guppies for my tank and a few bits and bobs. Lipstick check: still a very bright stain is present on my lips.

16:30pm I’m sat in my room, and guess what!? I’m drinking even more tea as I write this. Just call me the tea queen. Lipstick check: the stain is not budging, this is bloody amazing.

The left over stain

The left over stain

That’s it for my Viva Glam Miley Cyrus lipstick diary, I’m probably going to go and take my makeup off when I’ve finished writing this and watch an unhealthy dose of the Simpsons snuggled up in bed.

I am super impressed with the longevity of this lipstick, okay the main colour does wear off after an hour or so, probably longer if you don’t eat, but the stain that is left behind is also an insane colour and looks so so good. Mac and Miley have done extremely well with the formulation and pigmentation and I think it may just be the best lipstick I’ve come across as of yet.

In case any of you are wondering, the pink thing on my shoulder in each of these photos is support tape. I badly injured my shoulder at work a couple of weeks ago and its not healing. Also, I apologise for the quality of these photos, they’re seriously bad I know but until I have to money to get a camera this will have to do.

Whats your best lipstick? Have you tried Viva Glam Miley Cyrus?

Hope you enjoyed reading,

Write soon,

Holl xxxxx

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My Spring/Summer Wishlist..

Hey there lovelies,

Sorry I haven’t been writing too often on here, it’s not that I haven’t wanted to, its just that I’ve recently been employed at my mums work and that’s taken its toll on me and I haven’t been feeling too great. In fact today I have been off with a migraine and sickness. BLEGH.

So as I want a quick post to bang out so you don’t think I’ve abandoned you, I thought I would share some of the things I’m lusting after for this season.

spring summer wishlist

The first thing on my list are the Vans white slip ons, recently I’ve been really wanting a pair of slip on shoes as I only have my high top converse or boots to wear. These all white slip ons are just gorgeous and you know they will be comfy as hell as they’re made by vans. I’ve been a Vans lover for a good few years now and they always last me ages and are super comfy, once you’ve broke them in that is.. Vans pretty much go with any outfit and as long as I keep them clean they will look super cute.

The next thing on my wish list is the Mac Lipstick in Morange. I absolutely love this colour and wasn’t brave enough to pick it up last time I went to my local Mac store and I really regret it now, especially after falling in love with Vegas Volt. I think this is such a cool colour and as I have dark hair I should be able to pull it off. Perfect for those sunny days.

Another Mac lipstick, this time in Rebel. I know its more of an autumnal colour but I just really bloody want it. Its such a gorgeous colour and I can guarantee that it will be sold out next time I try to buy it. How beautiful is it!?!?! Need I say any more?

Next on my list is the Khiels Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Since having a new job in an air conditioned environment it has really dried my skin out, so I’m hoping to get this little gem soon and maybe it will sort out my skin. I’ve heard so many good things about it, I’m extremely excited to give it a shot.

Up next is the iPad Air 2 in gold. How beautiful is this!? When I have the money mum has already said she’ll take me to the apple store so I can get it as I’ve wanted one for so long. Plus it will be easier to keep up my blog rather than having to lug my laptop around or use my iPhone 5c. Ipad I’m coming for ya’.

I also love a good snuggly hoodie so this one from Asos is perfect. I fell in love with it when I first saw it a couple of years ago but could never afford it. Well now I’m earning me some dolla I will definitely be purchasing this soon. A hoodie in summer, what are you thinking hol? Well I get cold easily and hoodies make me feel like I can conquer the world.

Lastly, I’m saving up for driving lessons as I turn 17 on August 11th. So hopefully mid summer I will be learning to drive and becoming poor due to the huge cost that comes with driving. Anyone who knows me well, will know that I dream of having a Ford Mustang, not too fussy about the model. I just want one!! This 2015 model looks pretty nice. Who wants to buy it for me?

So this is my Spring Summer wish list, what do you want to get your hands on this season?

Hope you’re all well,

Write soon,

Holl xxx

Disclaimer: all things on this wishlist will be paid for by myself, yes including driving lessons.

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My Top Spring/Summer Lipsticks

spring summer lipstickHello Lovelies,

Everyone and their dog knows that here in the UK we have officially entered the spring summer season. What does that mean? That means warmer weather, brighter clothes, lighter hair, BBQ weather and of course.. A brightly coloured lipstick!

To kick off spring/summer posts, I thought I would do a post showing you the lipsticks that I currently own that I’m going to be wearing this season (when I’m not at work that is). No doubt I will buy more lipsticks this season but for now this is what I got.

L-R: delightful, 05, falling fast, macaroon, vegas volt, viva glam miley

L-R: delightful, 05, falling fast, macaroon, vegas volt, viva glam miley

Top - bottom: delightful, 05, falling fast, macaroon, vegas volt, viva glam miley

Top – bottom: delightful, 05, falling fast, macaroon, vegas volt, viva glam miley

The first lipstick on my list is the Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick in Delightful. This is a gorgeous cool toned pink shade. I love this colour for early spring season as its so easy to just chuck on and give your face a pop of colour. These Calvin Klein lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous, they have a very buttery texture and are extremely pigmented. One or two swipes and that’s it, you’re done. These lipsticks are gorgeous, this colour particularly would suit most skin tones and can be dressed up or dressed down. They last a good 4-5 hours at least and obviously need a touch up when you’ve had a meal. It says its a matte lipstick but it does have a slight sheen to it and it doesn’t dry out your lips like a normal matte lipstick. I absolutely love the applicator for this lipstick, they’re unusual and almost flat and slightly tapered at the top meaning it is a similar shape to your lip and there’s no need for fussing with a lipstick brush, even with the darker colours. I actually got 4 of these lipsticks through a Wowcher deal, 4 for £9.99 when usually they cost £13.50 each. What a bargain huh?

The next lipstick is the Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in the shade 05. It is a gorgeous bright pink, fuchsia colour that is almost effortless. It glides onto your lips beautifully as it has a buttery texture and is a minimal fuss application. This colour looks great with a minimal makeup look or a full face. It also takes you from dusk till dawn which I really do love. It has a good amount of pigmentation, although I know Rimmel London have got that down pretty much to a T. I love this Kate Moss collection, both the matte and this one. Plus they’re cheap so its a bonus really.

Next we have the Topshop Lips in the shade Falling Fast. I absolutely love love love this shade. It was the first Topshop lipstick I ever brought and the texture and colour pay off is not too shabby. It is a beautiful orangey/red coral colour, such a gorgeous pop of colour to brighten up your makeup or a dull outfit. This is definitely one of my favourite lipsticks I own, maybe that I’ve ever even seen. It has a pretty good lasting power 4-5 hours before needing a touch up which definitely isn’t too bad considering it is only high street makeup. Similar to the others, its a pretty no fuss application however it does cling on to dry patches so you need to make sure that you have properly conditioned your lips before hand. I like to use a Lush lip scrub and the Blistex Intensive moisturiser before I use this one. I love the packaging of the topshop lipsticks however it does get dirty rather quick which is disappointing when you have them on display.

Another Topshop lipstick, this time in the shade Macaroon. I love this shade as well, I just had to get it after falling in love with Falling Fast. It is a gorgeous pinky coral colour that looks amazing to brighten yourself up. It looks lovely with minimal makeup looks. Again you can dress this up or down and will go with most makeup looks. Again, no fuss application. (Can you tell I really love the no fuss approach with lipsticks?) It has the same creamy texture as falling fast and also clings to your dry patches on your lips so don’t forget your lip balms ladies!!

Vegas Volt by Mac is a must have for this season. As orangy corals are very in this season it fits right in. It is in an amplified finish meaning it really packs in a punch and doesn’t budge unless forced. This is a new purchase for me, I only got it last week but oh lordy I am obsessed. I love how great it looks and really helps to make a statement. It applies lovely but again this colour does draw focus onto your dry areas. If your lips are in good condition this lipstick will be your best friend. I think it looks great with paler skin tones (NW13 – TOO PALE TO CARE) but will also look stunning with olive skin tones. The packaging is beautiful as well. It lasted me a whole day of walking round Bath in the rain, plus it survived a major refuel in McDonnald’s, winner winner chicken dinner. I will love this lipstick until it dies on me, and then I’ll go and buy another one. Definitely one of my favourites this season.

My final spring summer favourite is Viva Glam Miley Cyrus by Mac. Although I’m not her hugest fan, okay I probably was when I was like 11, but I loved this colour so much that I knew I just had to get it and forget about how much I dislike her. However, how bloody beautiful does she look in the poster for this lipstick. I think I fell for her looks a little. Moving onto the lipstick, it is a very bright hot pink, again in an amplified finish. When this baby is applied, it ain’t budging. It is a very daring colour for me to go for, as I do like my orangy corals, but this. This is too good to let go. It works amazingly with my skin tone and makes me feel amazing when I wear it, which is what every girl needs from at least one lipstick right? Super super pigmented and lasts for ages. You do have to take a bit more time and care to apply it but once its on its on. Its definitely a more statement, night time lipstick but if you’re feeling brave whack it on in the day time and wear it with pride. I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

What are your favourite spring summer lipsticks? Have you tried any of these?

Please excuse my swatches, I’m having a no makeup day and I’m having a terrible break out. It looks ugly I know but focus on the lips people!!!

Write soon,

Hol xxxx

Disclaimer: I brought all these products myself with money I have earned, this post is not sponsered.

Pictures were taken by myself on an Iphone 5C.

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My Skincare Routine..

skincare routine

Hello Lovelies,

I have recently been working in an air-conditioned work place, where its cold, then you go into the kitchen where it feels like its 100 degrees. Obviously this has dried out my already dry skin. So I have to have a flawless skincare routine to avoid looking like I have the skin of a snake.

To start off with, in the mornings I like to use the Simple kind to skin pore minimising toning cleanser. Bit of a mouthful that. I use this to make sure that I got off all my makeup the night before and to just really give my skin an extra bit of a clean feel to it. To apply this I use a cotton wool pad, sometimes I double up as it is almost a watered down gel consistency that goes everywhere. I love the Simple skin care range, its cheap and is great for those with sensitive skin. I would recommend going for Simple if you’re just starting out in makeup and skincare.

I then use the Simple kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser once the toner has worked into my skin. I slap this on my face in quite a thick layer because I really do need the moisture. I allow both of these products to sink into my skin for a good 5 minutes each before applying anything else onto my skin. This gives it a chance to really sink into my skin and gives a smooth and even base for me to put my primer and foundation etc. on.

In the evenings, I take my makeup off with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish or the Garnier Micella cleansing water. Sometimes if I’m feeling really lazy or I’m having a down day I take off makeup with wipes (very bad I know, naughty hol) and makeup for it in the morning.

Once I have taken my makeup off I like to use the Nuxe iDetox night cream on my T-zone just to give that area an extra boost of moisture and it also helps cells to replenish themselves through the night. My T-zone is the driest part of my face so I like to give it a little more attention because it bugs the hell out of me when it looks all flakey, which is ALL THE BLOODY TIME. Stupid skin. After this has settled into my skin I go over the top with the Liz Earle moisturiser which again gives my skin a bit of a boost.

Once a month I like to use a face mask to help my skin and give myself a little tlc. I usually go for the Body Shop Vitamin E face mask as it smells lovely, it does an amazing job plus they’re only about £1.50 so they’re still really cheap. (thinking of that I need to stock up on them)

This is my skincare routine, although it’s not quite perfect as my skin still looks like I’ve attacked it with a piece of sandpaper.

Whats included in your skincare routine? Do you have any tips to help get my skin back to good condition?

Write soon,

Holl xxxx

Photo taken from Unsplash.com

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Monthly Faves | March 2015

march favouritesHey lovelies,

Its that time of the month where we talk about the products we’ve been loving. This month I’ve loved quite a few things, so lets jump straight into things shall we!?

First thing I have been loving is Lush’ Santa’s Lip Scrub. Oh my gosh this little beauty is just amazing, it smells delightful and tastes even better. Obviously this is the christmas edition but its okay to use it all year round right? This works wonders on my lips and has really helped to get that nasty dry skin away. I would recommend a lip scrub from lush to everyone, its a product that works well but tastes amazing too. Who wouldn’t want that?

Next I have been loving the Collection ‘Work the colour eyeshadow pencils’, particularly the shade vintage blush. They have such a creamy consistency and they’re around £3 each. They work the same as most shadow sticks, apply them then smudge it out. These shadow sticks work better when smudged out with your finger as I think the heat of your finger tips allows it to move around. They stay put all day on your lids without creasing and they come in beautiful shades that can be dressed up or dressed down. Perfecto.

I have also been loving the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I’ve had this since June last year and I have loved it since I brought it home. Everyone knows about these palettes by Urban Decay and if you don’t then where have you been?? They’re pricey but the shades are so beautiful and they’re super pigmented and pretty. Every shadow lover should get themselves one of these palettes. I think I’m gonna have to take the plunge and splash out for Naked 3 as I feel I need it in my life.

The Calvin Klein lipstick in the shade Fusion has also won my heart this month. It is a gorgeous berry pink colour and it glides onto the lips so beautifully. They don’t seem to bleed at all and have a fab staying power. They power through my tea drinking obsession without budging which is exactly what every girl needs in a lipstick. The applicator is more of a flat tip rather than a pointed one which is perfect for following the shape of your lips, perfect for when you want to go for a bold statement lip. No hassle of needing a lip brush with this one.

My last beauty favourite for March has to be Maybelline’s Lash Sensational. This mascara is just wow. If you want to read my thoughts on this mascara check it out here.

Onto hair care favourites, the first thing I have loved this month is the Tony&Guy Texture Spray. I have naturally wavy hair anyway but this just seems to make it look like I’ve spent time on my hair to create the look. I have tried my fair share of texture/sea salt sprays and this is definitely my favourite one so far. It doesn’t make your hair feel sticky or stiff and it holds the look with or without hairspray, something that others I’ve tried have not been able to achieve. I would suggest this one if you’re looking for a texture spray.

My last favourite this month is the wet brush. I received it in my look fantastic box this month (read about what I got here) and I haven’t used my Denman brush since. It works on both dry and wet hair and can get through even the toughest knots. I have long hair and this brush just conquers through it with no problems. This will be staying in my daily routine for a long time yet.

What have you been loving this month?

Write Soon,

Holl xxx

Disclaimer: photo from unsplash.com

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